Interview with C-drík Kirdec

This interview was published in August 2016 on CDM and on HIS Voice. I met Cedrik Fermont, alias C-drík Kirdec, for the first time about six years ago in Brno, where he performed at a local experimental night I used to work for. We, a group of crazy young creatives behind the event, decided to … Pokračovat ve čtení Interview with C-drík Kirdec


Interview with C-drík for Secret Thirteen

Digging as a neverending obsession C-drík Fermont (aka Kirdec) is a musician, singer, composer and drummer originally from Congo based in Berlin. He specializes on releasing electronic, experimental and industrial music from Asia, Africa and South America. Although he’s lived in Europe for most of his life, his origin as well as innate curiosity have … Pokračovat ve čtení Interview with C-drík for Secret Thirteen