Interview with Franck Vigroux for CDM

This article was published in November 2016 at CDM. Looking at Franck Vigroux’s resume, you’d never imagine he’d fly under the radar. Yet this award-winning, endlessly touring, prolific collaborator of a musician only recently got the attention of English-language media. Finally, that’s changing – with a little help from his friends. So collaborative projects have … Pokračovat ve čtení Interview with Franck Vigroux for CDM


StratoFyzika – Φ Performance

Dario J Laganà "Norte" Photography Stratofyzika Skywire Blog

On Thursday 28th and Friday 29th July, a Berlin-based audiovisual performance collective StratoFyzika performed the outcome of the artist residency at Lake Studios Berlin sponsored by TroikaTronix/Mark Coniglio. Since I follow StratoFyzika's work from the very beginning, I'm glad to share some insight from Friday night and their latest piece called Φ. It's been 4 … Pokračovat ve čtení StratoFyzika – Φ Performance

Interview mit Robert Henke (Deutsch)

Weep Web by Christopher Bauder | Skywire

Ich habe auch in Deutsch schreiben zu angefangen. Dieses Interview habe ich anlässig des CTM Festivals und Henke's Deep Web Performance für [030] Magazin geführt. --- Friday Deep Web, eine kinetische audiovisuelle Installation von Robert Henke und Christopher Bauder, ist eines der Höhepunkte des Begleitprogramms des CTM Festivals. Die riesige Installation füllt den Raum des … Pokračovat ve čtení Interview mit Robert Henke (Deutsch)

New Label Series #1: Lpc

Lpc logo | Skywire

Last year, I've started my article series stemming from my obsession of researching new music. New Label Series is about pitching new and emerging record labels or platforms which seem promising and unique. Every piece features an interview with label founder(s) and sometimes also with releasing artist(s) and with my own observations as well as … Pokračovat ve čtení New Label Series #1: Lpc

Dubit Interview for DJBroadcast

Interview with Dubit from March 2015 with stream of his Fragmenti LP. --- Fragments, moments, continuity, memory. These are some of the key words of the concept behing Dubit's new album, Fragmenti. On his debut long-player, the Italian producer examines the particles of our everyday reality in relation to time, space, our inner experiences and … Pokračovat ve čtení Dubit Interview for DJBroadcast