About our Meetup in Berlin


This article was published in December on CDM. We’re sitting outside in front of a wooden house with a bar and two dancefloors inside, where our Meetup takes place this evening. The June sun is setting as today’s attendees slowly gather, some coming directly from work, some refreshing themselves with a lemonade or a beer. … Pokračovat ve čtení About our Meetup in Berlin


CTM Review

As I continue to upload some pieces from the past, here is my review of CTM 2015 for Secret Thirteen. CTM ranks among the most comprehensive events in the world in terms of exploring and presenting digital culture of and beyond music, sound, club culture and new technologies. Since 1999, the festival annually occupies many … Pokračovat ve čtení CTM Review

New Label Series #3: Out-ER

Out-ER logo | Skywire

New Label Series for CDM is about pitching emerging record labels or platforms which seem promising and unique. Every piece features an interview with label founder(s) and sometimes also with releasing artist(s) and with my own observations as well as questions, I try to grasp the main interests and key qualities of each imprint. The … Pokračovat ve čtení New Label Series #3: Out-ER

Sound Bath – Interview with Lucy

Interview and Lucy's Sound Bath Meditation report for DJBroadcast, March 2015 with pictures by Lisa Swarna Khanna. Soon after the interview, he played this amazing 4 hours long set (below). Also, read my interview with Lucy from 2014 for Secret Thirteen. --- On March 4th, DJBroadcast went to experience something beyond the usual encounter one … Pokračovat ve čtení Sound Bath – Interview with Lucy

5 Things found out on Arca and Jesse Kanda’s show

Arca's music isn't only characteristic for its anxious and aggresive synth sounds, but especially for deconstructing of our understanding of music in time and space. Thanks to his twisted playfullness and a touching story behind, he streches and distorts music particles to express his extraordinary nature and builds up volatil melodic and rhytmical patterns, that can vanish as fast … Pokračovat ve čtení 5 Things found out on Arca and Jesse Kanda’s show