Interview for LL: The Astral Plane

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I've recently started writing for an English platform, record label, event series, radio show and soon a blog called Loose Lips. My monthly feature is about new, emerging or interesting niche labels which deserve attention - pretty much the same model I started at CDM, but oddly enough, I was asked to do it by … Pokračovat ve čtení Interview for LL: The Astral Plane


Interview with Grischa Lichtenberger

This interview was published by CDM in December 2016. Grischa Lichtenberger is a German musician and sound and installation artist, known for his releases on raster-noton. His immersive live performances oscillate between abrasive, aggressive compositions and intricate structures of beat and melody. Recently, he has released a new triple-EP ‘Spielraum | Allgegenwart | Strahlung’ on … Pokračovat ve čtení Interview with Grischa Lichtenberger

Interview with City Of Hungry Ghosts


This interview was published in December on Local Suicide (LSD). John Gomi is an artist of many qualities, genres and projects. Growing up in hot and lonesome country of Texas, he’s been killing time by music making and goofing around with drum machine since school years. He later used his skills and talents in bands, … Pokračovat ve čtení Interview with City Of Hungry Ghosts

Interview with Franck Vigroux for CDM

This article was published in November 2016 at CDM. Looking at Franck Vigroux’s resume, you’d never imagine he’d fly under the radar. Yet this award-winning, endlessly touring, prolific collaborator of a musician only recently got the attention of English-language media. Finally, that’s changing – with a little help from his friends. So collaborative projects have … Pokračovat ve čtení Interview with Franck Vigroux for CDM

Interview with C-drík Kirdec

This interview was published in August 2016 on CDM and on HIS Voice. I met Cedrik Fermont, alias C-drík Kirdec, for the first time about six years ago in Brno, where he performed at a local experimental night I used to work for. We, a group of crazy young creatives behind the event, decided to … Pokračovat ve čtení Interview with C-drík Kirdec