About our Meetup in Berlin


This article was published in December on CDM. We’re sitting outside in front of a wooden house with a bar and two dancefloors inside, where our Meetup takes place this evening. The June sun is setting as today’s attendees slowly gather, some coming directly from work, some refreshing themselves with a lemonade or a beer. … Pokračovat ve čtení About our Meetup in Berlin


StratoFyzika – Φ Performance

Dario J Laganà "Norte" Photography Stratofyzika Skywire Blog

On Thursday 28th and Friday 29th July, a Berlin-based audiovisual performance collective StratoFyzika performed the outcome of the artist residency at Lake Studios Berlin sponsored by TroikaTronix/Mark Coniglio. Since I follow StratoFyzika's work from the very beginning, I'm glad to share some insight from Friday night and their latest piece called Φ. It's been 4 … Pokračovat ve čtení StratoFyzika – Φ Performance

CTM Review

As I continue to upload some pieces from the past, here is my review of CTM 2015 for Secret Thirteen. CTM ranks among the most comprehensive events in the world in terms of exploring and presenting digital culture of and beyond music, sound, club culture and new technologies. Since 1999, the festival annually occupies many … Pokračovat ve čtení CTM Review

Interview mit Robert Henke (Deutsch)

Weep Web by Christopher Bauder | Skywire

Ich habe auch in Deutsch schreiben zu angefangen. Dieses Interview habe ich anlässig des CTM Festivals und Henke's Deep Web Performance für [030] Magazin geführt. --- Friday Deep Web, eine kinetische audiovisuelle Installation von Robert Henke und Christopher Bauder, ist eines der Höhepunkte des Begleitprogramms des CTM Festivals. Die riesige Installation füllt den Raum des … Pokračovat ve čtení Interview mit Robert Henke (Deutsch)

What is female:pressure?

Article on female:pressure platform for Create Digital Music from September 2015 also pitching their Perspectives festival (I just edited the tense so it makes sense). --- Founded in 1998 by Electric Indigo, female:pressure is a network of artists, DJs, musicians, journalists, booking agents, and other professionals in electronic music and digital arts. In those years, … Pokračovat ve čtení What is female:pressure?