Music: At The End Of The Dusk Mix

friday in veins sky wire blog mix

Recently, I recorded my first vinyl-only mix. I love so many different kinds of music, but at the end of the day, the music I have on records is the one I come back to in my life. That’s why I challenged myself to go through my record collection and find tracks which have the … Continue reading Music: At The End Of The Dusk Mix

StratoFyzika – Φ Performance

Dario J Laganà "Norte" Photography Stratofyzika Skywire Blog

On Thursday 28th and Friday 29th July, a Berlin-based audiovisual performance collective StratoFyzika performed the outcome of the artist residency at Lake Studios Berlin sponsored by TroikaTronix/Mark Coniglio. Since I follow StratoFyzika's work from the very beginning, I'm glad to share some insight from Friday night and their latest piece called Φ. It's been 4 … Continue reading StratoFyzika – Φ Performance

Interview with Kyoka

kyoka raster noton skywire blog CDM

I made this interview with Kyoka in April for CDM. We talked about her ew album, raster:noton 20th birthday, music making and more. Kyoka is a musician and a sound artist living between Japan and Berlin. She played several instruments as a child, including the Japanese syamisen, before treading a path from tape manipulation to … Continue reading Interview with Kyoka

Interview with sound artist Jonáš Gruska

Elektrosluch | Skywire

I interviewed Jonáš Gruska last November because of workshop followed by CDM event which took place at Platoon Kunsthalle in December. He's a sound artist, microphone and listening devices creator (Uši, Elektrosluch) and LOM label founder. Also, he's really talented in field recordings - not only has he brilliant ideas, but is lucky enough to … Continue reading Interview with sound artist Jonáš Gruska

New Label Series #2: Nordanvind

Fjäder | Skywire

New Label Series for CDM is about pitching emerging record labels or platforms which seem promising and unique. Every piece features an interview with label founder(s) and sometimes also with releasing artist(s) and with my own observations as well as questions, I try to grasp the main interests and key qualities of each imprint. The … Continue reading New Label Series #2: Nordanvind