For Tempelhof Mixtape

I’ve been putting this mixtape together in my mind for years. Some tracks I’ve known for 12 years, some for 10, some for 2. But they all evoke me Tempelhof – one of my favourite places in the world, with its vastness and endlessness, skyboards and surfskates, chocolate smell from the cookie factory, sunshine, joy, melancholy, loneliness and freedom.

Cults – Oh My God
Wiz Khalifa – Hopes and Dreams intro
The Depreciation Guild – Sky Ghosts
The Knife – Heartbeats
Kid Cudi – Pursuit of Happiness
nobody here (actually Oneohtrix Point Never)
Major Lazer feat. Amber Coffman – Get Free
Pinback – Non-Photo Blue
Jon Brion – Phonecall (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind OST)
Granddaddy – So You’ll Aim Toward The Sky
Saturnia – Kite
Popnoname – The Movement
Animal Collective – On a Highway


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