Top Music Podcasts To Listen To

Drive-By FM
Infamous Drive-By FM

Recently, I wrote a piece for DJBroadcast on Top 10 electronic music podcasts – by the way, DJBroadcast has great collection of podcasts as well! Of course, I avoided the most obvious ones like FACT, Resident Advisor or XLR8R, which are brilliant but you already know that. Nevertheless, while doing my research and putting together all my favourite and found podcasts, I had a trouble of choosing just 10 of them (eventually, the original list includes CLR, Beats In Space, DOODcast, Electronic Explorations, Melbourne Deepcast, Invite’s Choice Podcasts, Seek Sick Sound, Smoke Machine, ABC Music Podcast, Modyfier).

Here are some other great podcasts and mixes that offer suitable background music for your dinner party, party music for your home party or chilled out music for your after party. Or are just packed with wonderful music you would barely find yourself or with tracks you heard on a party and forgot to track them down with Shazzam. 

Secret Thirteen
Obviously, I couldn’t start with anything else. Secret Thirteen provides well crafted mixes with an emphasis on a narrative, concept or contemplation. Techno, experimental, electronica, industrial, noise, acoustic… There are so many of them that it’s hard to summarize essence of the mixes, but if you’re a keen and thoughtful listener, this is for you.

NTS Radio Podcasts
My favourite online radio streaming live the dopest music from London every day, 24/7. The radio shows are often run by great artists and producers based in London (Dark Sky, Erased Tapes, Four tet, Mica Levi, Lee Gamble, Murlo, Moxie, Young Turks record label…), but also give space to guest DJs or are thematic (bass, grime, dub, house, Japanese music, disco, spoken word, vinyl only…). Do I really need to add more? DON’T ASSUME. <3

BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix
This very famous mix series needs no introduction, because they are in the game for decades and a guarantee of quality. If you want to know who will be the next big producer or DJ in the field of electronic music of any kind, follow this.

Drumcode is a record label, party and last but not least a podcast series ran by Swedish prominent techno head Adam Beyer. His Drumcode FM radio show is broadcast globally on more than 40 radio stations and very often brings live sets from Beyer himself or his DJ buddies like Pan Pot or Scuba.

Podcasts by an urban fashion shop from Frankfurt. Every Friday, they publish a new podcast called Lovelyfriday, which either consists of old school hip hop or lighter forms of house. I have to admit I noticed them because of my nickname, but later on I connected my Friday afternoons with these chilled out, easy and pleasant podcasts of theirs. So just sit back, have a smoke or cup of tea, watch the sun go by from your window and press play.

Sub.spiele Podcasts
This record label from Cologne published podcasts full of music of the deep spheres. Imerse into dub techno, ambient and deep house. It’s not about big stars, but more locally orientated, which doesn’t lower the quality!

Pingipup is a small German record label focused on various kinds of electronica. Nevertheless, their podcasts are much more colourful and indeed enjoyable and usually present a wide range of old music from all over the world, jazz, folk, oriental, funk, acoustic and so on. Clean your kitchen, draw a picture, weave a flying carpet or just sit back and relax.

Wax Treatment
Wax Treatment is purely a podcast platform hosted by DJ Pete and Fiedel, ocassionally with DJs guests like Shed, Milton Bradley or 2562. Knowing this, it’s quite obvious that it’s heavily about experimental and unusual kinds of techno, bass, house, broken beats and such. The podcasts are available only via iTunes and their website includes all the tracklists, where each track links to an online shop where you can buy its physical copy. Great for DJs and collectors!

Elipse music
A small label with few releases. The podcasts are a lot about house, but also broken beats, funk… It presents new kids on the block (Philsch, Frida & Gurte) as well as people who define the genre (Josh Winiberg, A guy Called Gerald).

Warehouse is a techno party in Moscow, that recently started making podcasts. It’s just 7 of them so far, but they look really promising with DJ guests (such as François X) who create rich, miscellaneous techno podcasts.

Kann Records Podcasts
Sevensol & Bender’s Kann Records also run their own podcast series. Since Kann is house-orientated label, the podcasts are mostly about this musical direction, but also acoustic, experimental, electronica, ethno, soul, jazz…

Mysteries of the Deep
KWs: Dark, deep, experimental, ambient, techno, house, 80s wave, drone, ethno… The artists behind these podcasts aren’t usually so well known, but they offer great quality music.

URB Magazine Podcasts
URB is a magazine about urban music established in 1990. Their podcats present new fresh producers and extraordinary names mixing music of all kinds – house, urban beats, hip hop, techno, disco. The podcasts are always introduced with a short text and usually also a tracklist.

Get Deep
Get Deep is a Berlin based party in ://about blank, which also publishes brilliant ‚mixcasts‘ full of house, disco, soul and generally music with a deep, funky and often cheerful vibe. Apart of obligatory Soundcloud, you can also get the podcasts via iTunes.

spiel:field podcasts
Another podcast series focused on deep music. Their own description kind of says it all: ‚Berlin-based netlabel founded in 2012 with focus on deep electronic music (dubtechno, ambient, ambient-dub, deephouse)‘.

Selector Series
Selector Series claims to be a music consultancy and even though I’m not quite sure what that means, they make a good job selecting interesting dance music in their podcasts and sharing some nice music on their social media.

Do you have a favourite podcast that is not in any of those two lists? Share it with me and I’d be glad to include it in here!

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