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I put together just few of my last year’s favourites that I could think of and it made sense for me to put there together. There’s not so much from dance music like house or techno (just the pop ones) or hip hop etc., but let’s take it as an adventure across some of my special moments of 2013 – with a happy ending of course.

1. Yosi Horikawa – Wondering (free DL)
2. Team Rockit – Aura (buy)
3. Julien Mier – Ever Lonely (free DL)
4. Synkro & Manos – Lost Here (buy)
5. Disclosure – Defeated (buy)
6. Jimpster – Porchlight And Rocking Chairs (KiNK Remix) (buy)
7. Marlene Magnoli – A Horse In a Bar (buy)
8. Kelela – Enemy [Prod. Nguzunguzu] (fee DL)
9. FKA Twigs – Papi Pacify (buy)
10. Burial – Hiders (buy)
11. Marsen Jules – Beautyfear IV (preorder)
12. Francis and the Lights – Like a Dream (buy)

Yosi Horikawa uses plenty of wild nature’s field recordings and combines them with lively percussions as well as peaceful passages. You can hear the result on Vapor album. Team Rockit are Swedish trio that loves Pokémon and nature mystics and makes powerful rap euro/ eufor trance. Their album Anima contains also a special book with graphics, photos and lyrics.

Julien Mier is a youngster from Netherlands, whose star is rising up and I just got really hooked on the vocal in Ever Lonely track. Synkro is Synkro, as well as Burial is Burial. Or is Burial Four Tet?! Noone will ever know. I can only assume if Disclosure are brothers, or cousines, or step brothers or BFFs, and I don’t really care; nevertheless, this track made my way home from party once and has nice positive vibe, so it has its place here, no matter how the hype around them starts to be too much.

I can’t remember in which mixes and parties of 2013 I’ve heard that Jimpster‚s remix by KiNK, but it was definitely not just 2. Marlene Magnoli is a producer, DJ and visual artist based in Berlin and I really fell for her weird housy macrocosmos last year. This track is nevertheless from her EP A Horse in a Bar from 2012, cos I couldn’t get the Flying Circus EP from 2013 anywhere.

Kelela‚s free mixtape Cut 4 ME shows somehow one of the freshest directions in RnB (rough, minimalistic, combining sweet vocals with machine beats), expecially thanks to the producers i’d say. In this case, Nguzunguzu, who released brilliant music on Fade to Mind EP in 2013.

FKA Twigs is definitely another big name of the last year, and she fully deserves it. Fragile, odd, sexy, disturbing, both her music and videos are something I have to turn to every once in a while. But if you recognize her as a dancer in Do It Like a Dude video, you may also get goose bumps from how badass she’s there. Marsen Jules‚ nature-inspired ambient music is deep and beautiful and the upcoming album Beautyfear from January 2014 seems like to sound like the ocean in the middle of the night. And for a happy ending, I chose something light and poppy. The video also shows hot to train your lower body.

Looking forward to all the great stuff in 2014!



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