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Peter Cusack
Peter Cusack

Good news everyone!

I’m verry happy to announce that the interview with an incredible sound artist Peter Cusack, which I made last year for my favourite Czech HIS Voice magazine (1/2013), was published on – a  platform for electronic music, software and hardware enthusiasts ran by audiovisual artist, technologist and journalist Peter Kirn (whose workshop Laptops on Acid I’m gonna attend this week, too!).

I had a chance to get in touch with Peter Cusack when he had a lecture in Prague last year and although the way from recording the interview to publishing its English version took a very long time, I’m really happy that I could meet this inspiring person, who can play bouzouki, rides everywhere on his bike, has a very nonchalant and complex way of talking and explaining things; and a mellow, yet energetic charm. He is a great example of always curious, working and exploring mind that never gets old.

If you have no idea who Peter Cusack is, visit his famous project Favourite Sounds of London.

And, of course, read the interview:

„Friday: Since your projects collected in the book Sounds From Dangerous Places, you’ve been making something you call “sonic journalism.” Can you clarify and describe this term?

Cusack: It’s the sound equivalent of photo journalism. In other words: getting information from sound recordings of an event or place without too much speech.

Some people call what you do acoustic ecology; your main the range of interest is always connected to the environment and some of the effects and impacts of human activity on nature. Why? Is it just something you personally feel you need to do, or do you hope that with your works coming public, you can help to raise people’s consciousness about what’s going on?

I don’t think that any one person’s work has a major impact, but obviously there’s a lot of attention given to environmental issues and questions now. So I just feel part of that movement. And that’s interesting for me and I find it important. I like my work to have some kind of point. And for me, I’ve always been interested in environment and issues and the politics and the ecology and the economy of the environment, so that’s what I continue to do.“

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