Spring came to town


…and I got ill (not sick!), therefore I can at least write a blog post about (mostly) new music suitable for warm springy days.

Duke Dumont feat A*M*E* – Need U

Duke Dumont got known for remixing Lily Allen or Bat For Lashes, his own production is nevertheless much more banging, as this hit shows. Shake it in your T-shirt!

Major Lazer feat. Ezra Koenig – Jessica

Diplo aka Lazer still strikes back with his mixtapes and just recently released a new album Free The Universe. Personally, apart Get Free, which is one of the best tracks of the last year for me, his production often annoys me, he just overdoes it too much with all those shiny dancehall riddims and bursting ragga / trance beats, although some of the tracks are otherwise nice. His collaboration with Ezra from Vampire Weekend is finally something chilled, twisting on the reggae wave and truly charming. BTW, VW are also about to release a new album called Modern Vampires of The City. Hopefully they didn’t steel the photo for the front cover this time;)

Captain Murphy – Duality

Flying Lotus opened a bottle of Sailor Jerry rum and because they just didn’t have Life Aquatic in the videoteque, he turned the TV on and watched Sealab 21 series. And he invited the two stars of OFWGKTA, Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt for the homeparty. Not only they released the Duality mixtape at the end of 2012, you maybe have seen their video for Killing Joke or their recent performance together at Coachella.

Anyway, in my case, the music was waiting to find me in the beginning of spring, cos it just works so well together. My favourite is Between Friends, I guess cos the melancholic childish beat reminds me of my favorite producers, Nujabes. But the whole mixtape worth it – chilled, easy to listen to, it just flows as a smoke in the spring air.

Tame Impala – Mind Mischief (Ducktails Remix)

This song sounds a bit like cca 7 of my favurioute songs together, therefore I fell in love with it immediately. Chillwave/ dreampop masters Ducktails gave to this piece by Australian psychedelic band Tame Impala a fresh groove and swing. Perfect for spring laziness in a park.

Empire of the Sun – Alive

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since their magnificent first album Walking on a Dream came out. Of course, releasing the second bird from their golden cage, called Ice on the Dune, accompany gadgets like online-puzzles or this spectacular trailer. Few days ago, they finally published the first song called Alive (to show us that, obviously, they’re not dead). It’s always hard for a band to meet their fans‘ expectations after a majestic debut. So let’s wait for the album, so far I’m not sure.

Mohammed Alidu – Aikaso (Murlo Remix)

Mohammed Alidu is a drummer form Northen Ghana who supported some big acts and makes his own music production, regarding traditional african music. Murlo is a producer belonging to the UK Bass scene, who is crazy about tropical and exotic beats. And this is the result:

Âme – Erkki

And something trippy for the end – this is how it would sound (and look) like if the Animal Collective would try to make dance music. The beginning reminds me of krautrock, especially Organisation and early Kraftwerk (can you also hear Tanzmusik there? ;). No wonder, this track by the German duo Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer opens the compilation by Gerd Janson called Music for Autobahns.

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