Daily Spark: Dana Kunze – Best Shirt

Dana Kunze

I saw these 5 young English kids called Dana Kunze last Saturday in terms of SO STARK party and I immediately fell for them. A lot. Their music combines the classic cold / no wave and shoegaze with contemporary interprets reincarnating those styles (and my favourite bands). My Bloody Valentine, The Depreciation Guild, Cold Cave, Shocking Pinks… What do you hear there? It was hard to choose a song for this post, cos the music works better when you listen to the whole EPs (for example on their Bandcamp).

Anyway, for me their music sounds like a cold wave that engulfs you, twists you deep in the sea and then spits you out, so you can be carried away on the surface of the ocean, sway on the waves, a bit confused and sick, blinded by the sun, exhausted, but in bliss. Maybe I have this kind of associations cos Dana Kunze is also a champion high-diver. Who knows. Anyway, it’s my first discover of 2013 :)


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