2012 Best (music sets, albums and discovers)

Dark Sky - Black Rainbows
Dark Sky – Black Rainbows

I was waiting for this post for a long time, because I couldn’t write about my favourite sets of 2012 without posting my top favourite one by Lorenz Lepus, that makes me dance anywhere and anytime I’m listening to it (underground, bus station, you name it). And it took some time until it was uploaded (especially for me! -eh, for you!).

So let’s start with it: Lorenz Lepus are two guys based in Berlin creating various music sets. They’re distinguished by a great sense for the atmosphere they build their sets up with – try the Summer Closing set, for example – perfect indian summer, the-last-open-air atmosphere.

Nevertheless, the set that makes me mad is made for my favourite series Berlin Stadtlicht Podcasts. Every week, we have a chance to listen to the fresh stuff popping up in this city (try also my pal’s Mars Leder’s set for BSP . Or this one).

Regrettably,  they don’t post more than few newest sets, so many great sets by Stadtlicht have been posted and deleted and cos I listen to music mostly online, I didn’t save any of them or at least remember the names of producers (silly me). But I did this one!

This set is full of the night. It starts with the night and continues pulsing in the dark, with the soft dim moonlight, crimped as a heavy velvet. It’s mysterious, sexy and uncompromised as the beginning of the dawn, when the sky is getting lighter before the sunrise starts, keeping the phantoms of the night still awake. I have no idea what am I writing anymore, you just have turn off the light, devote yourself to the beat and let yourself go with the vocals:

Talking about sets full of night, the other jewel of the last year comes from the fantastic mind of SYNKRO, one of my favourite producers lately. If Lorenz and Lepus can portray the atmosphere of the night, SYNKRO is the creator of all the inner emotions you can possibly feel during the night. This Manchester based producer, belonging to the branch of the contemporary UK ghosts like Burial or Submerse, has a sensitive and delicate attitude to music creation.

He chooses the sounds very carefully to achieve unique, emotional and dark music; a mix of peace, despair, beauty, secrets, confusion, solution – and first of all, solitude (that has the credit for the great mixing in this case). It’s not one of those sets you listen to while cleaning up your kitchen. You have to have a free hour to close your eyes and turn your best speakers on. Or better – take your headphones and go out to the night. You will melt into the citylights or the shadows. And you will love it.

Let’s have a look at some albums and EPs. One of the albums of 2012 I really enjoy is The Deep Collection by a Spanish producer Pablo Bolivar. Prepare for the debonair, sophisticated much more than just deep house tracks – but not too polished, still with a drop of sweat from clubbing.

Another album I can dance to anytime is Kingdoms by Fort Romeau (the accompanying musician for La Roux’s live shows – which was an information you maybe didn’t want to know). Even more beachy and coctail-bar like, but still not floating on the surface, but diving deeper in the open sea. Blurred vocals, synths and percussion included.

Lately I’ve bought the ticket for Disclosure, who will tour massively in March around UK, US and URop. No wonder these two young folks became so popular, their UK garage smacked but straight, slower beat bubbling music with lovely smooth vocals connects various music lovers from different corners to the one dancefloor. Recently, they just releaed another EP called White Noise. Listen to both. To everything. It’s pretty good.

Another favourite EPs from 2012 was Black Rainbows by Dark Sky, another English group of youngsters, who blow my mind since 2011; and Vacation by Shlohmo – another producer who totally deserves the attention… And I wouldn’t guess he’s American from his music! I don’t think that till now he has a single bad remix; his ability to push the original songs to the next level is impressive.

I also got caught up on many songs, from all I will name Olivia by Maribou State = another couple of the new young English producers. I recommend you to keep an eye on them. I just love marimba.

So about the discovers – I also have found out, that Lorenz and Lepus made a remix for Little Lion Man song by Mumford & Sons. I didn’t know that, but I DID know that Monkey Safari made a remix of it – since one of the Elektronische Wohnzimmer parties (January/ February 2012, not sure). It happened to be a perfect closing track for the party, when everybody sings the refrain and then enters the morning sunshine. Think about this great track like this and you will like it even more. I fell for it. And I’m apparently not alone, cos I hear it everywhere around Berlin !

Another neat discover comes from 2011 and it’s an album Tessa by German/Jamaican producer tINI released on Desolat. She playes often in Ibiza and the album is influenced by her parties in this sunny house nest. Sensitive, yet pumping. And the cover is just lovely.

tINI - Tessa
tINI – Tessa

I would love to close this post with another great discover by bro of Paul KalkbrennerFritz. Sampling the beautiful harp from the ending of the song Bridges and Balloons by Joanna Newsom and  shooting the video on my of my favourite places in Berlin, Fritz really rocked my mind and proved, that I still am kind of cheesy sometimes:) Love this thing since 2012, when I had it in my mind while crossing Warschauer Brücke in cold but sunny morning after a party with a huge smile on my face.


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