Some 2012 sweets, have a bite


I don’t do best of the year lists anymore, cos I think there’s too many of them out there already. So in few posts, I will just offer you some delicious pieces of music that I appreciated in the last year, songs and tracks from the apocalyptic year but also older music what I’ve discovered and were crazy about in 2012. Feel free to bite or eat the whole thing.

2012 songs:


Talking about Amber Coffman, Dirty Projectors also made a great job with their album:

My passion for Jesse Boykins III’s voice continued in 2012 (although Sampha is still my front-runner) and probably he felt it across the ocean and released a single. Not sure if I still don’t like his singing in the Gold Panda tracks more though.

Who knows this blog or me is sure about what can’t miss in this post. AC are Always Captivating and Centipede Hz proves that. Although Merryweather Post Pavillion is the peak of everything they did so far for me.

Prepare for more stuff like this here. But what else than eerie fragile beauty could happen when you put Burial and Shlohmo together, right?

Although I started to be allergic to the majority of that hipster trendy nostalgia 80s shit, few songs of this album stuck in my head for a very long time. One of the cases, when the second album beats the first! Lemonade’s music is just as their name: refreshing and sparkling.

more soon


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