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Since I don’t have that much time to work around music until the end of January, I thought about posting some older, but interesting stuff. Here’s the interview with Jesu I’ve made for New New! festival (although eventually, he caught a flu and didn’t show up).

For those who don’t know, Jesu is a music project by Justin K Broadrick, a living music legend. Before he started his project Jesu in 2003, he managed to become a former member of legendary metal band Napalm Death and industrial-metal band Godflesh (and other projects like Final, Techno Animal or God).

Many bands and projects, including Isis, KoRn or Ministry mentions this guy as their important influence. Recently, he plays also as Final project and with Diarmuid Daltion, he pays tribute to oldschool synth and krautrock music as COUNCIL ESTATE ELECTRONICS.

In Jesu, he combines metal with more meditative and sensitive approach of post-rock and shoegaze, enriched with his light singing.
Friday: Your last few albums were released on Daymare Records. Are you gonna stay loyal to this lable and why? And what´s up with Hydra Head label?

Justin K Broadrick: Daymare Records is the domestic label for most Jesu releases in Japan, it is not a worldwide label, its just that for the Japanese market they issue bonus discs as an incentive for the Japanese market not to buy imports, since imports are cheaper than domestic releases in japan. So basically Jesu is licensed from other labels to Daymare Records Japan.

Friday: You release a lot of stuff, in 2007 even four releases. Are you one of hyperactive artists? Where do you get the inspiration?

I dont have a ‚normal‘ job, I live from music and have my own studio, so this means I can concentrate on music 100% of my time. I live and breathe music, so I am always inspired by everything that touches me.

Friday: You´ve released your last album Opiate Sun few days ago. What can you tell us about it?

It’s on Caldo Verde, the label owned by Mark Kozelek of Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon, and a solo artist in his own right. ive loved his music since around 1993, so it was an honour for him to release a record by Jesu and to like the music of Jesu so much. It is an EP with 4 songs, a precursor to te forthcoming Jesu album scheduled for next year/2010. The music is the most focused Jesu has been for over 2 years, strong songs and raw production with layered harmonies, a record I’m very proud of.

Friday: In a song Don´t Dream It, you use a sample from Rocky Horror Picture Show movie. Why?

There’s something about that song in Rocky Horror Picture Show that I find very moving in its naivety and innocence. I found it quite perverse to use as a centrepiece to a Jesu song, not that many people ‚get it‘.

Friday: What else, besides freaky (and great of course) movies inspire you?

I have always found the medium of film one of the most inspirational formats for me besides music and life itself.
Hugely influential movies for me are so many i could never even touch the surface here, but some are – MESHES OF THE AFTERNOON, NOSFERATU (20’s VERSION), ALTERED STATES, THE DEVILS, THE THING, APOCALYPSE NOW, 2001, ALIEN, THE RING (ORIGINAL), TALE OF TWO SISTERS, THE SHINING..etc etc etc. The human condition and my own frailty and failings are my main inspiration.

Friday: If you wouldn´t end up as a musician, what other jobs would you do?

I have no idea, I know only music and self expression so maybe something where i could express myself still… Art, film direction, etc.

Friday: People often say your live shows are more into metal. Where do you see the difference between your studio and live music?

The studio is my ultitmate tool of expression, where dream can be realised. Playing live is a rough approximation of what is achieved in the studio; it’s never as satisfying as working on the music in a studio, so I opt to take the music to a further extreme in a live setting, which is natural for me.

Friday: And what do you like more – playing live, or composing and recording in the studio?

The studio is my favourite environment, playing live does not come close.

Friday: What do you think about KoRn mentioned you as their musical influence?

I think Godflesh was seen as an influence on KoRn, I think, from what I am aware, the producer for the first 2 KoRn albums, Ross Robinson was a fan of Godflesh and used the influence in the production and songs for those first 2 albums.

Friday: What experiences from your past bands and projects do you use now as Jesu mostly, or are the most precious for you?

As I become older, all my past experiences musically and with those people involved with me personally within the music I hold very dear to me and value highly more as I get older.

Friday: What do you do best, when you don´t have to do anything?

Relax! If I can I wish to relax as much as possible when I am not stressing about my work!


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