Elektro Guzzi – Interview

Rozhovor pro Itch My Hahaha. Českou verzi čtěte na Rave.cz.

Elektro Guzzi are a three-members band. They play the drums, bass and el. guitar. And the play techno. No loops, no overdubs, 100% live.

Yeah, you heard me! In terms of Itch My Hahaha clubnight, I interviewd the drummer Bernhard Breuer.

Friday: Hello guys, what are you up to? You just released your new EP Allegro a while ago. Do you have some nice feedback already?

Elektro Guzzi: Hi! Yes, we released this EP on a small label called Pomelo, who are friends of us and who do very puristic techno releases, what we really like. We got feedback from many DJ´s and reviews in magazines, mostly very good. But that´s not the most important point for us about releasing records.

Friday: According to the instruments you use, do your live performances look like more classic concerts, or technoparties? And how do techno crowds react on the fact that there is no DJ behind the decks, but the live band?

Elektro Guzzi: Every concert is different. It depends on the place where we play. Sometimes when we play in a techno club where there is no stage for bands we play on the floor and most of the people don´t realize that there is a band playing which can be very good because our intention is not to act like rockstars on stage. If there is a stage i would say it looks similar to a rockband, but sounds more like a DJ.

Friday: Who are your favourite DJs and producers? Do you go to parties by yourself?

Elektro Guzzi: We have many parties when we are on the road because normaly we play at parties. So we don´t go out so much when we have days off. But when there´s  a good DJ or band in town like jeff mills was a few month ago, we definitly go there.

We listen to a lot of different music, but when it comes to techno, we prefer the old Detroit stuff. Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, Robert Hood, Detroid Grand Pubars, Kevin Saunderson… And  we like all the basic channel and rhythm and sound stuff… But there are so many. It´s hard to pick out a few.

Friday: You met through experimental and improvised music, now you play together every day. How much improvisation and experiments do you allow to yourself nowadays, while playing live?

Elektro Guzzi: While playing live we got very congrete the last 2 years because we played a lot of concerts so it was nesessary to have a fixed set to create that sound easily on stage. But there is still improvisation in it, as we always change lenghts of different parts or how we play transissions between tracks.

Friday: What about your other music projects such as HummerChips, Tumido or Metalycee? What are they about and how are they musically related to what you make as a trio? Do you „relax“ with those projects? :)

Elektro Guzzi: These projects existed before Elektro Guzzi, so can be called longtime projects. Tumido is about noiserock and Metalycee is more about experimental hip hop and electronic. Hummer Chips is the duo of Jakob and Berni and it´s about experimental improvised music. As there is so much going on whith Elektro Guzzi, we don´t have much time for other projects. We mostly use our free time for relaxing…

Friday: What kind of devices and tricks do you use to gain from those three instruments more than their usual sounds? Some special percussions and effects? And how do you achieve playing few layers of sound at the same time on one instrument only?

Elektro Guzzi: All these sounds developed over the years by experimenting. The bassist and the guitarist use many effects pedals like filters or delays and they split their signal so that there can be more than one layer. On the drums I use an bassdrum effect to get more bass for it. Some of the different percussion things are handmade by friends of mine. The rest is a normal drum set up but I tune them differently.

Friday: You use acoustic instruments instead of laptops, you even recorded on the two-inch analog tape and I’ve read you’re preparing a cassette release for Tapewarm label, where names like Fennesz are released (which is especially suprising, both due to the genre diversity and considering that releasing on tapes is very unusual for the techno scene – a DJ can’t mix it). Are you „antifans“ of the digital music era or are those reasons more about believing in the better sound quality of the analog devices?

Elektro Guzzi: For us it´s the soundquality and the deepness of analog sounds. It fits to what we are producing. But we are definitely no antifans of digital! We don´t really care how music is produced when we listen to other music, because for us it´s just the result that counts. For the Tapeworm release we try to do something different, because it´s also the intention of the label that artists play whith the medium casette. But we have nothing congrete to tell now.

Friday: Do you make any kind of postproduction on your recordings?

Elektro Guzzi: We just go to the studio to mix it but no overdubs or cuts. We always try to take the whole track as it is.

Friday: Do you like Gucci? Or what’s the deal with your name?

Elektro Guzzi: Yes, we like Gucci a lot. And now as we earn so much money with our music, we can buy our girlfriends a lot of Gucci stuff. So our dreams became real :-)


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